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Phoenix federal crime attorney Bruce Blumberg defends people charged with federal offenses in Arizona, including sex crimes, drug crime & white-collar crime.

A large body of federal criminal law has grown up over the years. Unlike Arizona criminal laws that are enforced and prosecuted at the local level by agencies with limited resources, federal agencies are able to bring the vast weight of the federal government down on a single individual, making a federal arrest and prosecution very high-pressure and intimidating. Agencies like the DEA, FBI or ATF put their resources toward wiretaps, stings and undercover operations, so the US Attorney often has a very strong case before any federal crime arrests are ever made.

In this environment, you need the advice and support of a highly skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer who knows how to navigate the federal criminal system and fight to get a good outcome for you when you are facing federal charges. In Arizona, Phoenix federal crimes attorney Bruce Blumberg is a Board-Certified Specialist in Criminal Law with a great deal of successful trial experience in criminal matters. Count on Blumberg & Associates to provide assertive, effective advocacy in any federal criminal case, including:

  • Drug Crimes

  • Sex Crimes

  • White-Collar Crimes, including Medicare fraud and securities fraud

  • Weapons offenses

  • Federal Corrupt Practices Act (corruption and bribery)


Federal agencies like the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office are staffed with some of the brightest and well-trained attorneys in the country. Getting advice and representation from a top-flight criminal defense attorney at every stage of a federal prosecution is essential to achieving a good outcome in your case.

Arizona criminal law specialist Bruce Blumberg provides strategic and effective advocacy throughout the federal criminal process, including all of the following steps:

  1. Pre-Arrest – Where applicable, we’ll work to avoid charges ever being filed by convincing the government that they don’t have a strong case. We may also work to influence what specific charges are filed or negotiate how an arrest is carried out. We’ll also be involved in any interviews or requests for information to make sure your rights are respected and your defense is not compromised.

  2. Grand Jury – A grand jury indictment is required to start any federal felony prosecution unless the defendant waives it. The grand jury holds its meetings in secret and witnesses cannot bring their attorney with them into the jury room. If called to a grand jury, we can help determine whether you are being called as a witness or suspect, and we can advise you before you enter the jury room.

  3. Arrest – Once an arrest is made, our experienced federal criminal defense lawyer will stand by you at your initial appearance, arraignment, preliminary examination or other pre-trial hearings and appearances. We’ll help you determine how to plead, negotiate the terms of your bail or pre-trial release, or represent you at a hearing on pretrial detention. We can also prepare you for a probation interview with U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services to improve your odds of pre-trial release.

  4. Plea or Trial – We’ll advise you of your options and represent you in plea negotiations or begin the process of preparing for trial. At this stage, we’ll collect and study evidence and build your defense strategy, and we’ll also make appropriate pre-trial motions to suppress evidence, dismiss one or more charges, or change the trial venue.

  5. Sentencing – Sentencing in the federal court system is a separate phase that follows a conviction. Federal judges typically follow the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines, which provide a range of punishments for each federal offense, although these guidelines are advisory only. The judge can impose a sentence anywhere within the guidelines, including imposing the maximum penalty available for the offense. Alternatively, the judge may decide not to impose any additional jail time beyond that which has already been served during the trial. We’ll work to present you in the best light and argue all mitigating factors for the best result in the sentencing phase.


If you have been approached by federal agents, arrested, or received a target letter requesting your appearance before a federal grand jury, call Blumberg & Associates in Phoenix. The way you handle these early stages can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. With our criminal defense specialist at your side, you can make informed choices for the best result in a federal criminal prosecution.

Cases of Interest

Client charged in federal court with armed bank robbery. Client was alleged to have taken hostage at real estate business next door. Penalties range typically between seven and twenty-one years.

X Following extensive discovery and negotiations, client received sentence of twenty-six months.

Client in federal court caught with over 2,200 pounds of marijuana.

X Only 18 months jail time.

Client charged in federal court with sales of methamphetamine.

X Following motion practice and discovery, was able to negotiate misdemeanor.

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