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Although primarily a criminal defense law firm, Blumberg & Associates offers able and effective assistance in a range of Arizona family law matters. Just as in a criminal case, family law clients going through a divorce or child custody battle have a lot at stake, and they don’t want to take chances with their future or their children’s future. Bruce Blumberg uses his superior trial skills and experience to represent clients through high-conflict family law litigation. Call our Phoenix family attorney if you anticipate trouble in an Arizona divorce or child custody dispute and want to make sure you have strong and zealous representation from an experienced litigator dedicated to looking out for you and protecting your rights.


Getting a divorce is more than just having the court legally dissolve a marriage. The judge also makes binding court orders in vital areas such as the distribution of community property, spousal maintenance, and child custody. These decisions are final and can affect you and your children for years to come.

When a couple cannot agree on how to resolve the issues in a contested divorce, it’s up to the judge to decide vital matters such as the division of marital property and the payment of spousal support. This process involves a period of litigation, including pre-trial discovery, the gathering and organizing of evidence, and presenting that evidence and testimony to a judge during a hearing. The judge weighs the evidence as well as the strength of any legal arguments made by the attorneys. In reaching their decisions, family court judges are required by Arizona law to consider a long list of statutory factors and other relevant evidence. Count on Blumberg & Associates to analyze all appropriate factors and deliver a persuasive case with cogent legal arguments and compelling presentations that convincingly demonstrate the proper ruling on these critical matters.


Child custody involves both physical custody and legal custody, and when the parents can’t agree, it’s up to the judge to decide how to allocate legal decision-making authority as well as parenting time. These rights and responsibilities can be shared equally between the parents, or one parent can be given primary custody. The overarching concern of the court is to make decisions in the best interests of the child. In reaching its conclusions, the judge must consider a number of factors, including the relationship between parent and child, which parent is more likely to allow contact between the children and the other parent, and any history or evidence of domestic violence or abuse by either parent. We’ll build a strong case supported by solid evidence and persuasive legal arguments to make sure you and your children are looked after properly in any custody dispute.

Blumberg & Associates also handles post-judgment matters in Maricopa County family court, including motions to modify or terminate spousal maintenance or change the custody or parenting plan. We represent parents seeking or opposing a parental relocation, as well as parties seeking or challenging enforcement of domestic relations court orders for child custody or spousal support.


Emotions run high in family law matters, and while you need a family law attorney who is as passionate about the outcome as you, you also need an attorney with the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process calmly and rationally, so that you make the best long-term decisions for yourself and your children. In Phoenix, call Blumberg & Associates for assistance.

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Family Law Clients

Bruce Blumberg has been an asset to my family ever since we first frantically searched for an attorney almost ten years ago. He is reliable, reassuring, and will fight for his client. His skill as a criminal defense attorney is unmatched.

Bruce is one of the top criminal defense lawyers in the State of Arizona. He's well respected and an excellent litigator. He's a real bulldog in the courtroom and always fights for his clients. He receives my highest recommendation.

Bruce has been awesome so far but his secret weapon is Susan, I will never use anyone else for criminal or family court issues.

If you are looking for a criminal lawyer this is who I suggest Mr Blumberg is well known he does his job respectfully he’s a very nice person he treats his clients very good he treats me as a son he has his respect where ever he go he’s just a lion in the court room he lowered my bond from $250,000 all the way down to $25,000 I believe in him god bless.