What to Know When Your Child is Arrested for a Crime in Phoenix

, by Bruce Blumberg

When a minor is arrested for a criminal offense, they will go through a different judicial system experience than someone who is being charged as an adult. Because the court system is different, it’s important to retain a Phoenix juvenile crime attorney who can help.

You want someone who understands how the system operates and can prepare the best defense possible. At Blumberg & Associates, we have years of experience helping Phoenix area families resolve criminal charges in juvenile court.

How the Arizona Juvenile Justice System Differs

There are a number of differences between a juvenile court proceeding and a case being tried in an adult court system. First, the matter will be decided by a juvenile court judge. There are no jury trials here. Second, the penalties in a juvenile court case are usually more focused on rehabilitation rather than punishment. The idea is to help juveniles become functioning members of society as they grow up in hopes they don’t wind up back in the court system as an adult.

In many scenarios, juvenile records are sealed. This means that the juvenile’s court records won’t follow them around for the rest of their lives like an adult conviction would. They would be free to apply for a job, pursue a professional license, or rent an apartment without the stigma of a criminal conviction.

Being Tried as an Adult

It’s important to point out that the court has the discretion to try the juvenile as an adult in some cases. When the charges involve a serious felony, there is the risk that the case might get transferred to the adult court system. If it does, it’s even more important that you have the best representation possible. Your child’s future can be greatly impacted by a criminal defense attorney who doesn’t have the skills and experience.

Defending a Juvenile Client in Arizona

While the court system differs when it’s a minor versus an adult being charged, the defendant’s rights don’t. Even a minor has the right to a quality defense. When you retain our Phoenix juvenile crime attorneys, our top priority is preparing the best defense possible. We work diligently in order to provide your child and family professional and helpful legal advice.

There may be a number of required hearings in a juvenile case. We will be there for every hearing, motion, etc. This includes detention hearings, the trial, and probation violation hearings. Our goal is to get our clients into an alternative rehabilitation program, have deferred prosecution, or fight for the lightest sentence possible.

Contact an Arizona Juvenile Crimes Attorney Today

If your child has been arrested for a crime in Arizona, don’t attempt to handle this on your own or rely on assigned counsel. Your child needs the best defense possible otherwise they might end up having a criminal conviction on their record. Let the Phoenix juvenile crimes attorneys at Blumberg & Associates help. Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation. We will evaluate your child’s case and let you know what our legal strategy is to achieve the best outcome possible.