What Happens if You Violate Your Probation in Arizona?

, by Bruce Blumberg

Violating your probation can be a serious offense in Arizona. If you are on probation and you violate the terms, it could land you in jail or even prison depending on whether your original or new charge was a felony. If you don’t want to find yourself behind bars, it’s imperative to retain an experienced Phoenix parole & probation violation attorney right away.

At Blumberg & Associates, we help clients with their probation and parole violations. Our goal is to help mitigate the consequences and keep you from facing significant time in jail or prison. Because your freedom is at stake, you need an attorney who specializes in handling these types of matters.

Possible Probation Violations in Arizona

Depending on the terms of your probation, there are a number of things can lead to a violation. These include:

  • Missing a drug test or testing positive

  • Committing a brand-new crime

  • Not checking in with your probation officer or the judge

  • Not complying with a court order

  • Drinking when your probation strictly prohibited it

  • Not paying court fines or fees

  • Contacting someone you were ordered to have no contact with

  • Removing your security monitoring device

  • Failure to appear at a scheduled court hearing

  • Not completing required counseling sessions

Some probation violations may only lead to a warning while others are more serious. It’s important to understand that most infractions are taken seriously. Your probation officer may request a hearing anyway rather than just issuing a warning. This is one reason why you want to retain a knowledgeable Phoenix probation violation attorney to assist you.

What to Do if You Violated Probation in Arizona?

If you are concerned that you violated your probation, you need to contact your attorney right away. Because your violation could have serious consequences, you don’t want to try and handle it on your own.

When you have an attorney representing you, they will provide evidence to show that there was a valid reason for the alleged violation. In many cases, a skilled attorney can get the issues resolved without a probation hearing. If the offense is considered serious enough or there is another violation, then you may be subject to a probation revocation.

A judge will decide whether or not to revoke your probation during a court hearing. One of three things will happen. They will revoke it, they will modify your probation with new terms and conditions, or your current probation will continue.

What is Intensive Probation?

Intensive probation is one other possibility when you violate your probation. This type of probation is stricter and has additional conditions. You will be placed under house arrest and you will need to contact a surveillance officer every time you need to go out, like to work. You may have unannounced visits from surveillance officers, and they may also do random drug and alcohol tests. If you refuse the tests, your probation can be revoked.

Contact a Phoenix Probation Violation Attorney

If you are concerned that you may have violated your probation, contact Blumberg & Associates today to schedule an initial consultation. Let us evaluate your situation and provide you with our recommendations on the best course of legal action.