The Importance of Hiring an Experienced Sex Offense Attorney

, by Bruce Blumberg

In Phoenix Arizona, if you’re charged with a sex offense you’ve got a very rough road ahead. One must understand that jurors come in to these types of cases with preconceived notions about sex crimes and it’s up to a skilled criminal defense attorney to point out to the jurors what their duties and obligations are regarding our Constitution, and that they would want those same principles imparted to their loved ones and their neighbors.

Jury Trials

Bruce Blumberg has won several jury trials for people charged with various sex crimes in numerous counties in the state of Arizona.  This includes people charged with sex assault, molestation of a child, sex conduct with a minor and child abuse.  His more than thirty years of experience in sex crimes has literally covered every type of charge.  The criminal defense lawyer who practices in the area of sex crimes must be prepared to hire the best experts in the area of forensic technology and psychology.  The technology expert works to help the lawyer discover whether there is important evidence contained in phones or on computer, or even on captured videos.  A psychologist may assist a jury in understanding how alleged victims may react to certain important issues in a sex case.

Focus on Treatment Over Mandatory Sentencing

A criminal defense attorney must also focus on “mitigation” and teach the judge who presides over your case about how persons charged with sex crimes, and who ultimately plead guilty, can be treated in the community.  A psychology expert can be of significant help in this circumstance, as well.  The attorney must work to convince the prosecutor that the rate of sex offender reoffending is lower than that for most other crimes, for example armed robbers. Prosecutors and judges can then understand that with treatment these people can rejoin the community.  We really need to move forward with treatment and prosecutors need to focus on that rather than every politician focusing on “Let’s be tough on crime so I can get reelected.”

Honest, Experience, Dedicated Defense Attorney

We don’t always have the answer that comforts our clients and so I think you have to prepare them and their families very carefully when cases involve sex crimes because it’s very similar to going to your doctor with a tumor inside and knowing that it’s cancerous.

Saying, “Hey doc, can you get the whole thing? Can you make it so I can live through this?”  The doctor is not going to say, “Oh don’t worry about it, I’ll take care of you. I’m going to make it so that you live through this.”

The doctor is going to say, “Sir, I’m going do the very best I can.”

This is what I always tell all of my clients: I can’t promise you that it’s going work out so that your son or your daughter goes free. I just want you to know that what you’re paying for is skilled representation and I’m going to do the very best I can for your son or your daughter.