Preparing for Your Child Custody Case

, by Bruce Blumberg

Be Prepared

Being prepared for trial is critical to finding success in your child custody case. Preparation includes gathering documents of past involvement in your child’s life, having a parenting plan going forward and making arrangements to seamlessly transition your parenting style to accommodate the new arrangements.

Stay Courteous

It will bode well for you long-term to “play nicely” with your ex-spouse throughout the child custody proceedings. Avoid all temptations to argue and fight during this extremely emotional time, and instead, strive to work on behalf of your children’s future. Arguing and fighting between parents is harder on you, your kids, and your future parenting rights.

Stay involved in child’s life

There is no downside to remaining involved in your child’s life, and this is something that you should continue to do. Don’t step out and plan to rejoin your child after a legal decision has been made, stay involved not only because it will benefit you in your legal case, but because it’s best for your child during this difficult time!

Don’t be deceptive

As with divorce (and life) in general, don’t be deceptive during the child custody developments. Have a plan for the future, know your history and be transparent about both subjects. Do not make efforts to “hide” documents or attempt to surprise your ex-spouse in the courtroom. This will generally backfire, and make you look foolish in a time where impressions count.

Ask Questions

Discuss with your lawyer how to approach the scenarios that are in play. Rely on his/her experience to guide you through these challenges and ensure you’re being represented in a way that will work towards the results you’re seeking. You’re lawyer is on your side, and you should ask questions until you are comfortable with the many moving pieces of this child custody case.