Temporary Ordersgit

Phoenix Temporary Orders Attorney

A temporary order may be needed in an urgent situation or a time of crisis. At Blumberg & Associates, we understand that many of our clients face very difficult situations and often need aggressive, strategic support to achieve their ends in court. Our Phoenix temporary orders attorneys are experienced in obtaining temporary orders involving children and custody, relocation, property, and support issues.

A temporary order may be necessary in a time of urgency. When you need immediate assistance and aggressive advocacy to protect your rights, contact our family law lawyers for an immediate consultation or case evaluation. Moving quickly to obtain a temporary order puts you in the driver’s seat regarding your children, property, and your security.


When you decide to get a divorce, you may face financial struggles or need court-ordered assistance related to child custody. Some clients in dangerous situations may need additional support for their safety and security. We assist our clients in obtaining temporary relief in situations that demand immediacy. Cases may involve child custody, child support, spousal maintenance and property division. We can also help you obtain an order of protection if your case involves orders of protection.


You can seek a temporary custody order for the duration of the divorce proceeding. It is very important to assert that you want this from the beginning, allowing you to secure the stability of your children as soon as possible. It may also have an effect on the final outcome of your case related to custody and parenting time. Our attorneys are aggressive in pursuing and obtaining temporary custody orders during divorce proceedings.


A temporary order allows you to freeze or seize funds so that one spouse does not go on a spending spree or destroy the assets you have accumulated during the marriage. A temporary order may address possession, use, and who is allowed to stay in the home during proceedings. Obtaining a temporary order during proceedings allows for stability until the judge can make a permanent order with the divorce decree.

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